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Welcome to one of the fastest growing stock sites on the web today. We provide daily stock recommendations through two morning newsletters and the Interactive Trading Room. We offer a 2-week FREE trial of all our services.  Please note that we are NOT a brokerage service.
The Interactive Trading Room provides real-time stock recommendations and news throughout the trading day (9:15am - 4pm EST). This is a great place to interact with other traders like yourself - online! All recommendations are given by our STOCKTRADER and are green/red to quickly alert you to a buy/sell recommendation. Recommendations are accompanied by an Audio Alert allowing you to react quickly even if you are busy on another site. The Interactive Trading Room is designed for the experienced trader. We post entry points and news only. Trade management is up to each individual. A fast execution system and live quotes are highly recommended.

We offer 2 morning newsletters and both provide you with one stock recommendation per day listed with an entry and exit point only. The Daily Pick Newsletter deals with larger cap stocks ($15+) while the Small Cap Newsletter deals with stocks in the $5 - 15 range. Both newsletters are emailed directly to you before the market opens, as well as being available online. So you can get your newsletter from anywhere! Both Newsletters also include the Economic Calendar as well as weekly features.

Be advised that daytrading is considered a high risk, speculative trading strategy that can result in a substantial loss of capital. Please consult with your financial professional before starting any trading program.

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