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Online Membership Agreement/Disclaimer:

By submitting an application for membership to DayTrading International, the applicant hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions;

  • I acknowledge and agree that DayTrading International (DTI) makes no representation of any kind that my trading activities will result in profits and, furthermore, that it is possible any capital I allocate to trade may be lost in it's entirety.

  • I acknowledge all information listed in the RISK DISCLOSURE, Disclaimer and Conditions of Use.

  • I acknowledge and agree that DTI has disclosed the risks that "DAYTRADING involves high risks and YOU can LOSE a lot of money" and that all trading decisions will be determined by me alone and that it is the recommendation of DTI that I consult with a financial professional before starting this, or any, trading program.

  • I acknowledge and agree that DTI has the sole discretion to terminate my account at anytime.

  • I acknowledge that all DTI's past performance figures are based on a simulated account. Since many factors vary from trader to trader, my results may vary from those shown. In turn, I must use my own due diligence when trading.

  • I acknowledge and agree that all materials received by me are for my personal use only. I agree not to reproduce, distribute, sell, publish, broadcast (including, but not limited to, news groups, mailing lists, e-bulletin boards and/or email), or circulate the information received through DTI to anyone, including, but not limited to, others in the same company or organization, without the express prior written consent of DayTrading International.


DAYTRADING involves high risks and YOU can LOSE a lot of money. Please trade wisely and consult your financial professional before starting this, or any trading program. DayTrading International or it's employees, are not registered as broker, broker dealer or financial consultant.

The risk of loss in trading securities can be substantial. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition and the ability to bear the financial risks. Risk capital should only be used.

Securities prices are highly volatile. Price movements for securities can/are influenced by, among other things, government trade; fiscal, monetary and exchange control programs and policies; changing supply and demand relationships; national and international political and economical events; changes in interest rates; and the psychological emotions of the market place.

It is recommended that all information contained in any trading program should be thoroughly tested via paper trading or trading simulators PRIOR to trading with actual funds. DAYTRADING IS NOT EASY. This allows the trader to learn the fundamentals of a trading program and see if the trading program will work with their trading abilities without risking any capital. Paper trading and simulator trading are substantially different than trading with actual funds. This trading strategy does not guarantee less risk or take into account the various risks trading with actual funds bring.


The information and/or knowledge gained in/from this site are provided on an "as is" basis, and are without guarantees or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. Furthermore, any ideas and/or information provides or gained from this site does not necessarily reflect the views of DayTrading International (DTI), or it's staff. It is possible that editors, staff and members of DTI may have long or short positions in securities listed herein.

The Information or materials obtained at/or through this site are not, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell and of the securities mentioned. The information presented is intended for informational purposes only and individuals must use their own due diligence. The materials and/or information obtained at/or through this site are sources deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed or warranted for terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise by DayTrading International.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Unlike actual trading, simulated trading does not take into account certain market factors. No representations are being made that any account will or should achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. Furthermore, DTI does not guarantee, nor warrant the trading methods/systems presented in our services or any information obtained from this site.

Daytrading has huge potential rewards along with huge potential risks. You, and not DayTrading International nor its staff, assume the entire risk and cost, of any trading activities you choose to execute. Please consult with a financial professional before starting this, or any, trading program.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to, negligence, shall DayTrading International be liable for any special or consequential damages that were a result from the use, and/or inability to use this site or information contained within, even if DayTrading International and/or its staff have been notified of the possibilities of potential damages or losses. In no case shall DTI have total liability to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action exceed the amount paid by you for accessing this site.

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